6 months a Feeding

I will breastfeed on a boat

I will breastfeed in a coat

I will breastfeed in a car

I will breastfeed with the stars

I will breastfeed while I eat

I will breastfeed while I pee

I will breastfeed when she’s one

I will breastfeed till she’s done

Honestly, I loveeee breastfeeding. It’s so convenient and easy and FREE!! I love not having to make bottles in the middle of the night or trying to dig through a diaper bag in the store to find one. I love not having to buy formula or measure it, store it, teach someone how to make the proper portions but…

I lowkey hate breastfeeding too. I exclusively latch Bean- meaning I rarely give her a bottle- and my GOD it is such a task most times! Sometimes all I wanna do is shower or soak in the tub, or shoot, go outside the house for 4 hours but…I can’t. Well, I could but it would be hell on the both of us. I’ve been home with her everyday of her almost 6 months of life and relinquishing control and letting someone else feed her feels like pulling teeth to me. I’d truly rather eat a jean jacket than give up breastfeeding and exclusively latching LMAO!

I just can’t let somebody else feed my baby and bond with her like that; that’s our personal time together. I just wish there was a way to latch her hands-free, really. I love when she rolls over in the middle of the night and roots around for my nipple until she latches and goes back to sleep. It’s seriously so special to me but man, if anybody’s reading this and has an idea of how I can safely hands-free feed this 20 lb 6 month old PLEASE let me know! I’m (semi) struggling over here but we’re gonna tough it out till a year, or longer, and it’ll be alright. I’ll let somebody else in on that bonding time and be able to shower and work without so much guilt, but until then? I’m gonna drop what I’m doing and feed her until she’s content. Every time.

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