For The LAST Time!

PLEASE, for the love of all things holy & good, give us moms some grace. PLEASE! Especially us young and single ones. I am not “too sensitive” about my baby, I am her protector. I am not being “white”, I am PROTECTING her. I am not a “crybaby” or “sensitive”, I have postpartum fracking depression and I am overwhelmed 6/7 days a week. I am not less of a mom or some kind of “fake” mom cause I have all hands on deck 99% of the time; I’m doing what’s best for me and mine. I know everybody deals with kids for extended periods of time and swears they have all the answers, and listen, maybe you do but my gawd! If I didn’t ask you just shut up and tuck your “advice” in your pocket.

I, too, am frustrated, flustered, and uncomfortable with my screaming infant; being a mother does not strip me from feelings. I, too, wish she would sit down somewhere and just mellow out but… she won’t! Why? Because she is 8 months old and brand spanking new to the world; not bad, NEW! I often wish she would just “be quiet and sit in that car seat” but she doesn’t-and that’s okay! Frustrating as hell but it’s okay. I wish car rides were seamless and she wasn’t getting into everything and “popping” her would work or make some sort of positive difference in her growth and development, but it won’t, so I refuse to do so. You are not the only one who wishes her father was around to “take her for the day”. TRUST! ME! I would literally shoot somebody in the toes for a day off but guess what? This mommy thing don’t come with an on and off switch and I can’t be made to feel bad about it; truly.

I am really, really trying to give this conscious and positive thing a go in terms of translating it to my relationships with adults but listen… I brought this child into this world with a promise to protect her. That will always be my top priority. Her mental, phsyical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing will ALWAYS take precedence over any adults’ uncomfortableness, disdain, frustration, or any other negative emotions. So don’t call my baby bad, don’t “tap them little legs”, don’t raise your voice at her, and don’t try to shame or shade me for protecting her. I’m doing the best I can with what I got and the snide remarks and shade might feel good rolling off of your tongue but remember, don’t dish what you can’t swallow. WE will always come first and if a choice ever has to be made, I’ll burn 100 bridges for my baby.

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