The Hot Mom Meetup

Hi there!

The “Hot Mom Meetup” is my bi-weekly version of a Mommy and Me class. I have had absolutely NO luck finding a Mommy and Me class that is not gymnastics, swim, or “Mom you just stand here and occasionally interact” based; so, here we are.

We will meet at a park in or near California’s Bay Area, bi-weekly starting in July. We will be appropriately distanced as we watch our children play and interact amongst each other. There will be light refreshments and snacks served for both parents and children so you are not required to bring anything but you and your child, lol!

My goal through these meetups are to build long-lasting friendships for both myself and my daughter while also exposing her to a diverse range of cultures, outdoor activities, and environments. I am a village creator and a pillar in an array of villages and would love the opportunity to pour into my community and mothers around me through these meetups! Bean & I can not wait to meet you and your family!

If you are interested in attending, please email the following: you and your child(ren)’s name(s), ages, county of residence, dietary restrictions, and best form of contact to DESTTHEHYM@GMAIL.COM

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