One anddd…Nowhere near done!

Custom bday shirt from Life’s A Stitch on Etsy!

And just like that, my baby girl is 1! I’m still trying to process that and deal with the fact that a year ago I was in labor-barely conscious-and birthing this beautiful girl.

A weekend (or two, lol) ago, we celebrated Beanie’s first birthday!! In keeping with my family tradition, we hosted two parties for my sweet girl- a virtual and in-person party. I was extremely nervous about hosting an in-person party so I bought ALL of the masks, sanitizer, clorox wipes, and lysol sprays I could find and pushed through. In hindsight, we needed that moment. I needed to feel secure in my village and Bean needed to play with some people her own age… well, she needed to play with some kids LOL. We don’t have much family who’s in that 1-3 age range but with the way my baby was keeping up, you’d never be able to tell!

Slide, baby, slide!

For the in-person party, we gathered at a local park and I did some simple table decorations and balloons. I managed to find an entire party set on Amazon and just used that as the base of our decor then used another table cloth for the gift table. The balloon decorations consisted of these really cool 34″ (or 35″, I can’t remeber lol) Queen Poppy balloons that my mom found at Walmart for TWO DOLLARS!! Plus these really sturdy themed balloons that we used as signifiers for our guests to find us. The number 1 balloon from that set was honestly my favorite and has since turned into one of Bean’s favorite wrestling competitors LOL. For some of the party favors, I took these colorful buckets from Party City and my Cricut Joy and created some simple and cute “Trolls”. Since we had a small number of female guests, I also created some party favors from these really cute Trolls World Tour themed lunchboxes I’d found at the 99 Cent store. I filled every favor with themed PEZ dispensers– there were was only one Queen Barb & that sucked but overall, 10/10!-, a sticker sheet, a small bag of candy, a magic towel, and a sticker story, puzzle, coloring sheet and crayons/markers, or a mini suncatcher kit. I found the fillings at my favorite Dollar Trees. For our “VIP” guests (aka, whoever grabbed it + Bean) I threw in these really cute sunglasses masks from the 99 Cents Store. I paid $3.99 for them; 2 Queen Poppy and 1 Branch.

Since it was a park party and I figured the kids would be more interested in running around than eating, I kept the food simple. My mom & I made some turkey, or ham, and cheese wraps and sandwiches, stuffed them with lettuce and called it a day! I sent my grandma to Costco for chips, Capri-suns, and mini water bottles for their snacking pleasure and never even had to use any of the plates and cups we bought lol. In addition to the food, my troll-tally awesome grandma made these SUPER good sugar cookies using this recipe from Wilton’s and I ran to our local grocery store for some “Unicorn” cupcakes. The actual cake didn’t arrive till the next day but it actually ended up being perfectly timed!

Sunday was Beanie’s actual birthday so we celebrated with a Zoom party for our distant family. Initially, I had this entire super detailed plan for it but after that first party I was TAPPED OUT!!

We took an empty corner of our sun room and hung a custom made banner, the same “1” and Queen Poppy balloons from Saturday’s party, a pink table cloth and a helium rainbow balloon and had our setup. Since I forgot to make her the highchair banner I actually envisioned, I quickly made some Trolls cutouts with my Cricut and stuck them to the front of her highchair literally seconds before logging onto Zoom lolol!!

The setup & a gift from one of her aunties!

The actual party lasted about an hour and consisted of her father helping her open presents, a birthday song, and a glorious cake smash! The cake (and popcorn) was made by my auntie Just A Tee Spoon and was a marble cake with a whipped cream frosting. The rainbow consisted of sour straws, the clouds marshmallows, and the “floor” was nerds. Let’s just say Bean was EXCITED and thorougly enjoyed smashing her cake! There were two flavors of popcorn; strawberry cheesecake and cookies & cream.

To round out her birthday, we went to my aunt’s house to swim and enjoy some super fun time in the water! Bean absolutely loves water and swimming AND family time so she had the actual time of her life and I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed her first birthday weekend! As an added bonus, we found this HUGE lime growing on a tree and Bean got to taste the zest of a lime for the first time.

Pool nursing & giant limes

To finalize this long-awaited birthday blog, here are some final details and photos from my baby girl’s first birthday!

My hair was Queen Poppy inspired and accomplished with some hair wax, Pump It Up!, and a whole lotta bobby pins. I found my overalls and shirt, Bean’s shorts, at Target and Bean’s dad’s headband and her tennis shoes were found at Walmart. My earrings are TheNu Bamboo and can be found on

Bean’s dad, Bean, & me

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