Thank You for Bein My Friend

Oh my gosh! Hello 2022!!! Hello friends! What a freakin year 2021 was, yea? I literally still can’t believe it’s been two years of Miss Rona- two years of my life a blur.

Anyway, let’s get to the real tea: Betty White is dead y’all!!! I can’t even believe it like… it wasn’t enough for 2021 to go out silently; Miss Girl had to take an icon with her *eyeroll*. I feel like this always happens though- we lose somebody great at the beginning or the middle of the year and maybe not we meaning the world but we being my family and/friends. Honestly, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of death and having to be cautious about the memories I make cause I know one day that’s all they’ll be- memories.

I watched Golden Girls my whole pregnancy just like my mom watched it when she was carrying me. Rose Nylund and her regaling tales of St. Olaf got me through what felt like the longest, darkest days ever and now her death feels like one of those days. Not solely because she died but because, once again, I’m reminded that death is inevitable; that there’s no running from it. And I’m okay with knowing that, I just wish I didn’t have to carry the feelings that come with knowing that. If there was a way to watch Blanche and Rose and Dorothy sit around that table and laugh and not think of how one day in the (prayerfully very far) future it’ll remind me of my mom, I’d jump on the opportunity. All of the best memories seem to carry the heaviest price tags. The fondest laughs with your confidant always seem to be linger long after the laughs have bounced off the walls and echoed out of the room. I’m reminded of that today as I mourn this lady I never even knew and while I feel the grief that some of my closest friends are carrying- that this death compounds.

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Hi there! I'm Destiny, the "Mother of Fun" (formerly known as The Hot Young Mom). I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, positive parenting, first-time mama to my baby doll "Bean". I advocate for mental health, village building, and the humanity of all people-but children especially. I enjoy writing as a means of venting and inspiring people. Thank you for reading and I can't wait to welcome you to the hottest village around!

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