Chic, Cheap, & Comfortable: Winter Fashion Guide

If you’re anything like me- a new mom in a pandemic looking to dress for the weather- you’ve likely come to (quickly) realize that you have nothing! Ever since having C.C. last year, I’ve been trying to love my body again while also defining my new style as “The Hot Young Mom”. I decided that this winter would be my time to shine so I’ve been scouring the internet- Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter- and taking screenshots of all of the trends I might like. I’ve gathered my top picks, made style boards, and even got dressed to share them with you!
Fashion companies this year are pulling inspiration straight from the runways. “Bubble” coats, denim on denim, patterns, and complementary colors are all the rave right now; if you wanna be in, these are the styles to keep an eye on.
See how these trends come together in my Winter fashion guide below.

1: Patterns and Color

The Houndstooth pattern is totally in right now and I think it looks SUPER cute with a solid color top and shoe; to really pull the outfit together! Since houndstooth is typically black and white, you can get away with pairing it with a traditional holiday color- red or green- or play it safe with black, white, or a neutral color.

2: Patterned Outerwear

Like keeping it casual but also fun and flirty? Leggings and patterned outerwear are essential staples for those of us who like to pair comfort and style without hefty price tags and heavy clothing. When looking for a patterned jacket, coat, or blazer keep in mind what colors you already own or what colors you’d be able to wear year-round. Purples, greens, and oranges are perfect “all year” colors but really get to shine in the cold weather months!

3: Bubble/ Puffer Coats

A simple cream (or white) dress paired with a black bubble coat and a pair of combat boots create a streetwear look to die for! Streetwear looks are generally casual and comfortable everyday looks; pair with a statement earring and a functional bag and you’re ready to go.

For more style inspiration, tips and tricks, and style guides keep up with me on Instagram @THEHOTYOUNGMOM. Let me know if you wear any combination of these outfits or any replicas of them and how you like them!

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Haley at for letting me be a guest writer and getting this winter style guide out to her audience! Check her out once you’re done reading this.

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