Somebody tried to throw shade today

It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last but somebody tried to throw shade today. Something along the lines of “I wouldn’t be raising my grandbaby or letting my daughter still live with me at 21.” It went RIGHT over my head causeee “if it don’t apply, let it fly” right? IContinue reading “Somebody tried to throw shade today”

“What is your biggest fear?”

TW: death. If you are sensitive to the topic of death please proceed with caution. There are no mentions of gory or graphic details. Can I be wildly honest? My biggest fear is dying. I don’t mean that to sound poetic. My biggest fear is dying. I have never been afraid of death and IContinue reading ““What is your biggest fear?””

I have a secret

Trigger Warning: Miscarriage/Rainbow Baby. There are no graphic details described, however if these are sensitive topics for you, please proceed with caution. Know that I see you and I’m right there with you. I never got the official confirmation but I knew. I knew deep in my bones that I was pregnant. And I knewContinue reading “I have a secret”