Just Wanna Be Happy: a sad girl rant

I am literally so tired of being unhappy. I just want to be around people who make me feel loved and liked and invited and it’s like… I can’t find nobody like that nowhere. I’m starting to think I’m the problem. I have to be. I feel like I’m unpleasant to be around or maybeContinue reading “Just Wanna Be Happy: a sad girl rant”

Take From Me, Learn From Me: 2 Years Into Motherhood

It’s been 2 years and life has taken so much from me and given me even more. Year 2 of motherhood has felt like one foot in, one out, and a whole nother one completely disconnected from my body-but super vital and like hanging on by a thread- that double dutches in and out. I’veContinue reading “Take From Me, Learn From Me: 2 Years Into Motherhood”