Fall For Positive Discipline

Destiny Shivers is a Positive Discipline Association certified parent-teacher educator. She has been a mother for a year now but has extensive experience with children of all ages. Destiny discovered Positive Discipline and Conscious Parenting when she found out she was pregnant- to heal her inner child and give her daughter a better, less traumatic childhood. She believes that children deserve kindness, respect, patience, and empathy and actively works to provide that change in her, and others’, village.

“I realized I enjoyed parenting when I was actually able to enjoy my kids and stop being so angry!”

“I have to toughen my kids up before the world does!”

It is commonly believed that in order to raise well-behaved, intelligent, and respectful children parents must be the first teachers in “hard lessons”. Positive Discipline is rooted in the belief that you can “go with grace” while raising your children and still instill respect, dignity, and intelligence in them. If you are ready to try something different, sign up for the Introductory Course and come “Fall in love with Positive Discipline”!

Fall For Positive Discipline

A one-hour introductory course for anybody who cares for children- of any age- and is looking for a happier, freer way to raise and guide their family. This course is hosted by Destiny Shivers.


“You can’t whoop a child that barely understands verbal language & expect that to have a POSITIVE impact on said child. You are abusing them.

Destiny S.

Fall For Positive Discipline

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