Solutions Not Spankin’s

Solutions Not Spankin’s

Solutions Not Spankin’s is a 6-week online course that helps parents and caretakers implement Positive Discipline into their daily lives. The course is filled with six weeks of support, understanding, and easy-to-digest tools and resources. Participants also engage in interactive, experiential activities and receive “tool cards” to carry with them far beyond the end of the course. Pricing is tiered to accommodate every family’s budget and make Positive Discipline accessible to everyone!

Solutions Not Spankins

This ONLINE course includes 6 virtual sessions, Positive Discipline Ebook, Tool Cards PDF, Positive Discipline Digital Workbook


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I think I might have a teeny tiny crush on like 2 people y’all. One more than the other but still… this is weird. And uncomfortable. And kind of fun? I don’t know. Whatever this is, it’s refreshing. New, different, awakening or whatever. It’s been a long time since I even looked at somebody romanticallyContinue reading “Crushin’”

Feelin’ Good As Hell

“Baby how you feelin?” “FEELIN GOOD AS HELLLL!” I’m screaming that from the rooftops today! Baby I am feeling good as HELL on today’s date! I feel unstoppable, powerful, cute, refreshed, grateful… all of the things and I’m holding on to it like it’s my last breath. Wait, shit, that last line might’ve been inContinue reading “Feelin’ Good As Hell”

Anything for my baby: A Toddler Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Picture it: Walmart (or Target or Dollar Tree- any store, really) 7 days before Valentine’s Day and you still have nothing but a box of candy for your toddler! You can’t believe the holiday has snuck up on you like this and you are absolutely stuck on what to buy. Don’t fret! I’ve got youContinue reading “Anything for my baby: A Toddler Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”


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