Solutions Not Spankin’s

Solutions Not Spankin’s

Solutions Not Spankin’s is a 6-week online course that helps parents and caretakers implement Positive Discipline into their daily lives. The course is filled with six weeks of support, understanding, and easy-to-digest tools and resources. Participants also engage in interactive, experiential activities and receive “tool cards” to carry with them far beyond the end of the course. Pricing is tiered to accommodate every family’s budget and make Positive Discipline accessible to everyone!

Solutions Not Spankins

This ONLINE course includes 6 virtual sessions, Positive Discipline Ebook, Tool Cards PDF, Positive Discipline Digital Workbook


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Just Wanna Be Happy: a sad girl rant

I am literally so tired of being unhappy. I just want to be around people who make me feel loved and liked and invited and it’s like… I can’t find nobody like that nowhere. I’m starting to think I’m the problem. I have to be. I feel like I’m unpleasant to be around or maybe…

Take From Me, Learn From Me: 2 Years Into Motherhood

It’s been 2 years and life has taken so much from me and given me even more. Year 2 of motherhood has felt like one foot in, one out, and a whole nother one completely disconnected from my body-but super vital and like hanging on by a thread- that double dutches in and out. I’ve…

Lemme Get Dem Titties Back

684 days. Almost 2 years. My body, her body, literally skin-to-skin everyday for all these days. 684 days…and counting. Now, 699 days. Nearly 700 days. Probably about 10,000 nursing sessions. Me and Bean, Bean and me; fed by the boob, tethered by the boob. I am so damn tired y’all and yet… I keep setting…

Change is good…?

“I’m changing, Mom. I’m finally figuring out who I am. But I’m scared it’ll take me away from you.” -Meilin Lee, Turning Red 2022 I made a promise to myself, and to Bean, that no matter what I do or don’t do- Imma always try. I have not been trying lately. I’ve just been existing.…


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