Hi there!

I’m Destiny, better known as The Hot Young Mom. I am a first-time mama to “Baby Bean”; I am a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, “spoil that baby AND yourself” kind of mom.

I believe children should be raised with freedom, respect, dignity, and an abundance of love and I aim to implement that into my motherhood everyday. I am an advocate for positive and gentle parenting and will always remind parents to “go with grace” while parenting. I don’t support whoopings or beatings and will never. 

My main goal is to be a safe space and village for moms like me; young, single, and HOT! I push for mothers to put themselves first and not be afraid to do so. I believe mothers who pour into themselves raise the best kids and I love seeing happy kids!

Welcome to the hottest village around. You won’t regret dropping by.

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