Just Wanna Be Happy: a sad girl rant

I am literally so tired of being unhappy. I just want to be around people who make me feel loved and liked and invited and it’s like… I can’t find nobody like that nowhere. I’m starting to think I’m the problem. I have to be. I feel like I’m unpleasant to be around or maybeContinue reading “Just Wanna Be Happy: a sad girl rant”

Unloved, Unworthy, Understood

Trigger Warning: I’m about to talk about sexual assault. It will likely not get graphic but if you can’t stomach talks about sexual assault or rape. do not proceed. Thank you, in advance, for reading and letting me get this off my chest. (insert a multitude of emojis, gifs, & memes that display anxiety. ThisContinue reading “Unloved, Unworthy, Understood”

If Yo Girl Only Knew

I wish I knew that: 1: Every day will not be sunshine & rainbows. In fact, you might outright hate motherhood and that’s okay! 2: There is no smooth transition from woman to mom. And it sucks. 3: Self-care is no longer easy. 4: This is your journey and yours alone. YOU are the mother.Continue reading “If Yo Girl Only Knew”